The Mid-Tier Buisnessman

In Midtown, the businessman is pervasive. And the mid-tier businessman is absolutely rampant. What is the mid-tier businessman? He’s the sort of office worker who can’t quite climb past the middle rungs of the corporate ladder, yet, nonetheless, still feels that he has an immense amount of importance at his job, not seeming to comprehend that he’s as replaceable as a cog in a wheel.

Regardless of how self-satisfied he feels, he doesn’t seem to want to take the time to dress or act the part of a top-tier businessman. Instead, he dresses in wrinkled suits or “casual wear” from places like H&M or Zara. He is, indeed, a long way from Barney’s. He also stoops to eating at White Castle and secretly going to Private Eyes Gentlemen’s Club on his lunch break–and it’s behavior like this that will forever keep him just at that mid-tier level. If he was truly top-tier, he’d eat at Boulud and enjoy strippers he could hire by the hour in his own penthouse.