Climbing the Corporate Ladder Only to Fall Off, Break Your Spine and Become Paralyzed

Climbing the corporate ladder is both easy and challenging. On the one hand, you have to surrender your soul entirely and on the other, it only takes the price of your soul to ascend to the ranks of a six-figure salary. But the higher the rung on the ladder, the more you have to bend over, eventually touching so far past your toes your head is up your genitals.

So what happens when you bend over forwards, backwards and sideways on a corporate ladder? Well, darling, you’re bound to fall off, break your spine and become paralyzed. What this means, exactly, can vary from person to person. But, in general, it’s a fall from grace, a removal or diminishment of power–and all after you worked so hard, or rather, pretended to work so hard to get to the top. So take a tip from every office worker before you. Stay lateral.