The End of the Expression of “Sexually Enterprising” Women at a Post-Harvey Weinstein Christmas Party

In addition to the requisite cubicle decorating that takes place during the least wonderful time of the year at the office, there is also that other dread: the office Christmas party. And though it once at least had the potential for allowing sexually enterprising women a chance at wielding their feminine wiles for the benefit of getting ahead by possibly giving head, the post-Harvey Weinstein Christmas party has become more of a political hot potato than giving gifts to co-workers.

Apart from the fact that dressing in a manner even remotely scandalous has always been more than faintly taboo in the space of a work function, it’s now rife with even more implications in terms of a woman “asking for it” with regard to “baiting” a man. And as for men in power themselves (if you can call someone that serves as a suit-wearing puppet for board members that run the real show), well, they’re going to act a lot more eunuch-like this year at the Christmas party, which means even those “physically shrewd” women who would use their body for gain within the company are going to be met with the stone faces usually reserved for that Thirteen-esque game where a group of men sit at a table and one girl goes under the tablecloth to give one of them a blow job and you have to guess which guy is receiving it even though they’re all supposed to have stone faces. Because no man wants to risk being accused after the barrage that’s occurred in the past several months.

And while it might seem hard to fathom in 2017, the year when women came out to say “stop wielding my body as a plaything because you can–simply because you know you have something I need to better my career”–there are women out there who still prefer the “ease” with which it takes to manipulate a man for her own power via the use of her cuerpo. And she’s about to lose a lot of traction this year at the party. She might even actually have to start working come the new year.