“Fashion-Forward” Haircuts Make The Workplace Uncomfortable

Even though one is often still in his or her early to mid-20s when starting out in the workplace, and therefore not anywhere near being done experimenting with his or her “LooQ,” the cog in wheel vibes of the institution often leave most feeling obligated to sport some type of non-offending Betty Draper coif.

And don’t even try to dye your hair a color that isn’t brown, blonde or black. Sure, they can’t “technically” discriminate against you for having blue and purple hair, but they will in subtle, non-proveable ways, like staring at you as though you might be Satan come to fuck up their perfect cube-shaped bubble of homogeneity. Thus, if you want to have “fashion-forward” hair at work (which will probably cost you most of your paycheck to maintain the upkeep), be ready to pay the price of hostility. It’s kind of like when you were in high school and you still had offbeatly colored hair, except no one’s going to think you’re a rebel for it, so much as a deranged soul clinging to what’s left of your spirited youth.