What About the Captivity of Humans?

Humans of an activist nature are constantly going on about the cruelty of keeping animals in captivity, not even bothering to focus on the captivity that’s keeping their own kind in a perpetual cage monitored by the zookeepers called middle management and a society that foolishly did away with the bartering system.

Like the whale with no room to muck about or roam freely in the ceaseless waters of the ocean, the office worker is given a short rope with which to either limit his activity or hang himself with. Lest we forget, humans need space, too–possess the innate and nomadic need to wander without the confinement of a cubicle or “open space work desk,” both of which are the ultimate in glorified cages. But no, it’s the animals who are suffering by being put on display for the enjoyment of humans. Well, at least they get to show off their beauty to the world (and are given subsidized sustenance beyond the K-cup). The office worker, instead, must hide away like Quasimodo, and tends to grow only uglier as a result of so much time spent in the fluorescent indoors. So yes, captivity is cruel. But like Republican politicians are always saying, shouldn’t we first take care of our own before we start worrying about others? For fuck’s sake, it’s the airplane pocket mask philosophy in motion.