The Subtle Sneak By (Doesn’t Exist)

Maybe this idea of over the top subterfuge being gotten away with stems from the ingratiation of Looney Toons characters into our collective conscious. But, in truth, it can’t be done. We all have people we prefer to avoid in the workplace. Not just those that oppress us, but those who are generally unpleasant to interact with (really, who does that rule out?). And when the time comes to sneak out at the end of the day, the methods for so doing can often be too flamboyant for your covert needs in avoiding all forms of communication.

Sure, you can try to dress in all black and put sunglasses on as you “subtly” tiptoe past a particularly bad batch of cubicles, but that only tends to make you more conspicuous in your demureness. And yet, wearing pineapple yellow and flamingo pink isn’t really going to help your cause either. Basically, in your quest to run to the overcrammed elevator undetected, you’re doomed to have an unwanted exchange. ‘Tis the nature of coexisting in the workplace with people you would never in your life ordinarily speak with.