The Pennsy in Midtown Might Be More Alluring If It Was A Dick-For-Hire Establishment

In Midtown, all anyone can seem to think to do to make it a better, more enjoyable place for desk slaves to work is to add more food courts to the mix. Case in point is the latest effort, The Pennsy, an 8,000 square foot dining hall located at 2 Penn Plaza right next to Penn Station.

Although the name is supposed to tie in with the location, it sounds more like a reference to a cute little penis vendor. Indeed, it would certainly be a much more original business endeavor to offer a dick-for-hire service to those overworked and under-sexed clackers who might be far less high-strung if they could get some good dick on their lunch break. But alas, The Pennsy is just another pricey celebrity chef-attached monstrosity that will serve no ultimate good the way the alternate Pennsy might.