Sun Comes Out & Midtown Folk Start Swarming Every Outdoor Area Like A Goddamn Pack of Locusts

The only thing worse than when your co-workers are miserable is when your co-workers are happy and you have to listen to them prattle on about the novelty of the sunshine. Yes, it’s been a long winter/segue into spring and, yes, we’re all very excited to expose our flesh again, but does this really warrant the swarm of bodies that infiltrate every available recess of outside space in Midtown once it starts to warm up?

Evidently, the office workers of Midtown must take pleasure in whatever they can, saying shit like, “I took my White Castle to the park and ate it al fresca.” 1) It’s al fresco, 2) At least indulge in something more expensive for lunch with your salary and 3) Please move to California so you can stop marveling at how wonderful the sun is.