Playing the Lottery on Your Lunch Break: A Mark of Distinct Satisfaction

There are many ways to take advantage of your one-hour escape during the workday, alternately known as lunch/the Midtown feeding frenzy. Some people like to get their vag waxed, some like to sit in Bryant Park, but others see this as the perfect opportunity to play the lottery. With so many rando bodegas and mobile food stands that sell them, your chances for winning are limitless.

And just imagine the satisfaction of actually buying a ticket that could set you free from the shackles of your desk. Would you even bother going back to make a scene about it? Or would you simply head to the nearest real estate office to obtain a penthouse on the West Side to hole up in for the foreseeable future as you detox from the entire working experience? However, there is something rather pathetic and decidedly depressing about an aging employee on the verge of retirement who is still desperately clinging to the notion of winning after all these years of sacrificed lunch breaks given to false hope and atrophied dreams.