It’s Bad When The Only Motivation To Get and Keep A Job Is Health Insurance

Based on the fact that Donald Trump had to Google Obamacare to find out more about it, we’re all in pretty fucked hands with regard to the health insurance scene. Not that it’s been all that ideal for the past decade to begin with. Basically, if you don’t have a job or you’re not an under 26-year-old tit-sucker leeching off your parents, you should pray for the best when you walk out your door every morning.

What’s more, what is the United States job scene doing to motivate its workforce to seek employment for any other reason than a shittattay health care option? It’s certainly not the salary or the meaningful work available to those of an “average” nature. And so, when you’re sitting in your cube realizing that it’s “affordable” health care that drives you to stick around, just remember: there’s always Woodhull. Oh yeah, and there’s sliding scale online therapy now, too.