Getting Your Nails Done at Jank Places in Midtown

There are a great many pastimes to fill the void that pervades you whilst you spend your days in Midtown. Chief among them is getting your nails did. Cannibalism is at its finest (sorry if you never took a basic business course and don’t know what that means) among competing nail care establishments that just want to give you the best possible price with the worst possible quality.

Invariably, you’ll be sitting in a chair that’s been there since the 1980s as some one-third interested Asian lady barely cuts your cuticles and is likely to paint slightly outside the lines of your nails. And, of course, there’s at least a ninety-five percent chance that you’re going to incur some sort of fungus. But, hey, isn’t that a small price to pay for the faux luxury that keeps you occupied while you try to prevent yourself from gouging your eyes out in Midtown all day?