Shopping During Your Lunch Break to Fill the Void Your Workplace Has Given Your Soul

One of the few perks of working is disposable income to buy shit you don’t really need/have been brainwashed into thinking you want. This is why so many office workers (particularly during the holiday season) feel the need to fill the void that’s developed within them as a result of stifling any dream they ever had in order to work in a box-shaped structure with a computer by shopping.

The best time to shop, of course, is on one’s lunch break–especially if you abstain from the midday feeding frenzy/gym rush. It’s one of the few ways to avoid normal shopping hours and distract yourself from the utter meaninglessness your life has taken on. Because materialism is by far the most effective ism in terms of giving your existence some sense of purpose. If you just buy one more thing, maybe your collection of useless shit will be complete. But buying “just one more thing” is a slippery slope that never ends–though at least it’s a way to replace a legitimate dream you once had with the consumerist one your salaried position has furnished you with.