Getting Mail at Work: A Further Sign You Live There

When you live in New York a.k.a. “the big city,” you rarely actually live in your apartment due to the fact that you have to be at work most of the hours of the day in order to pay for it. Further, receiving mail and/or packages at your “true” home is near impossible when considering that entities like FedEx, UPS and the like refuse to leave things behind thanks to NYC being filled with ghettotos who want to steal your shit whenever the opportunity presents itself.

And so, with this in mind, you decide to receive your mail at work–“just to make things easier,” but really, because you’re living there. And if you don’t already have a gym membership that allows you to sport your Lululemon wardrobe, you ought to invest in one so you can just take a shower after work and then go straight back, yet still tell people you live in a chic apartment/house in Brooklyn/Westchester to make yourself feel better.