The Lululemon Set

In addition to the many Midtown-specific food preferences, there is also the Midtown workout aesthetic. With the barrage of gyms in the area–from New York Sports Club to Blink–women and (sadly) men alike are prone the athletic clothing charms of Lululemon. Known for “comfort wear” like yoga pants, this strange phenomenon of “fashionable workout clothes” can be seen bombarding the streets of Midtown before, after and during work hours.

Because Midtowners like to feel they’re getting the most out of the time that’s being ripped away from them by the man, exercising during lunch is often their preference for “recharging” (they’ve got a lot of spreadsheets to brainstorm about, after all). This alone isn’t even all that understandable. But add Lululemon garb to the mix and it becomes more arcane. Again, it goes back to the Subway sandwich conundrum: Midtown office workers flock to shit in spite of having the means to pursue something better. If you’re going to prostrate yourself to working out, at least do it in a pair of stretch knit Givenchy leggings (retail value $1,048).