Barbarism Begins By Not Staying at Home

Morrissey may have once postulated that barbarism begins at home–though Midhell proves it’s often at work–in reference to kids getting the shit smacked out of them, only for it to continue upon their entrance into school (hence that other beauteous track, “The Headmaster Ritual”), but really, what’s a few light taps on the head compared to going outside?

Especially when it’s snowing and no one’s going to give you any worthwhile accolades (at least not the kind that can help you pay rent) for showing up. The metaphorical lashings you’ll receive at home–whether from having to use a hot plate because your gas is out or fighting over the bathtub with the other roommate that’s stayed in as well–are far more bearable than the ones at work. Or even the ones spent getting to work, wherein you risk human interaction of any kind. Morrissey was right: barbarism does begin at home, but it can also end there by never leaving it.