Barbarism Begins at Work

Though Morrissey may have believed barbarism began at home, its true initiation doesn’t occur until entering a workplace of the office variety. For those who have never known the pain of confinement or being condemned for doing ordinary things like taking a break or saying what’s actually on their mind, the barbaric conditions of “white collar” working can be rather shocking.

Even the inhumanity of the service industry at least allows the pleasures of eating, laughter and vulgarity on the job. In the office, one must act prim and put on a facade, lest he be lashed for “inappropriate behavior.” And then, of course, there is the ultimate enforcer of workplace barbarism, HR. This mysterious entity that seems to do nothing until the time comes for a thrashing embodies the ultimate form of brutality in office existence. But you must take the beating as part of earning your dollar, like any good prosty.