Work Mood: Kirstie Alley Modeling Department Store Clothes

It’s strange that they say you should dress for the job you want, when the job you’ll ultimately get only affords you cheapo department store fare that doesn’t even come from the wondrous incarnation that Lucy Ricardo got to shop at (think: Gimbels). And even when you’re experiencing the prime of you life–the way Kirstie Alley was in the 80s–you still can’t manage to look even remotely enthusiastic about 1) what you’re doing with all that education and 2) what you’re fucking wearing.

Even Kirstie Alley in department store garb can’t manage slap on anything resembling a fake smile. And this was in the thick of the Look Who’s Talking era, when she was at the prime of her career and everyone still thought John Travolta was straight so they were kind of jealous of her. Like Kirstie, you, too will be knocked down by the years of wearing what you shouldn’t, causing your actual physical appearance to mirror the frump you’ve saddled your body with–and all because you’re dressing for the job you have, not the job you’ll never get like they always told you you would if you just expressed a little more confidence, had a little more optimism. Well, Gladys Leeman had optimism, too. And look where that got her.