When Yous About To Leave & Your Boss Be Like “Could You…”

There’s is no greater feeling than reaching the end of a weekday. Sure, you’ve wasted hours getting paid for something that probably only takes you one, but still, you did it. You survived another day and are now able to safely and freely find sanctuary in the nearby or faraway bar of your choosing.

However, there is often a certain dreaded moment when you’re just about to make a beeline for the overburdened elevator and, even though your boss sees that you’ve put your assorted going outside accessories on, he or she decides to faux obsequiously ask, “Hey, could you just take care of one more thing before you go?” In that instant, all fantasies of the shots you’re about to consume or the Netflix binging you have planned comes to an abrupt halt, the way a deer does when gunned down. The question is, will you bend over and acquiesce to obey or will you say, “No, no. Another day.”?