When You’re Overqualified for the Office But Not Qualified for Anything Else

It is a terrible lot in life to be one of those people who isn’t either filthy rich or obscenely poor. To be somewhere in the middle always equates with being relegated to an office situation. You’re not dumb enough to be completely broke, but you’re obviously not smart enough to have had your skills enlisted for anything other than menial tasks.

If you’ve already set about the path of office worker existence after graduating in something you knew was going to be completely useless in the moneymaking, it’s difficult to deviate from the path you’ve unwillingly established. You’re qualified to perform the tedious chores that others “beneath you level” can’t, but you’ll never be able to advance to a station beyond the so-called career you’ve eked out for yourself other than managing other people, which makes you the ultimate sellout.