When You Tryna Leave At the End of the Day on Friday And Someone Keeps Talking to You

Ironically, there are a lot of weirdos in the corporate world. You know, the sort of people who love to work for longer than eight hours (mainly because they’ve been conditioned to do so for most of their post-collegiate life) and, like, enjoy what their job description entails.

Maybe that’s why these types of people enjoy geeking out about work right as the week is coming to a close and you’re trying to get the fuck out the door faster than a teenage boy cumming all over the pages of Playboy circa 1978. Sadly, there is no polite way to get these people to cease their work-related conversation. And, since they clearly have nothing better to do in their so-called outside life, they look to you as a sounding board. This means you must either endure their verbal spewage or feign diarrhea in order to get out of there. Either way, spewage is involved.