We Found Hell In the Workplace

Few people know that Rihanna’s alternate version of “We Found Love” was “We Found Hell”–which Weird Al briefly considered recording–a song about the existence of a proverbial inferno in the workplace. Unfortunately, Rihanna saw no benefit in further highlighting the already obvious: hell is an office.

The original lyrics depicted an average scene in the office/cubicle milieu, including “Yellow Post-Its in the dim desk light/And we’re sitting side by side/As my boss’ shadow crosses mine/What it takes to stop feeling alive,” as well as the chorus, “We found hell in the workplace.” After Rihanna’s manager heard this, it was decided to scrap the idea in favor of the more Top 40-friendly concept of love found and lost. But luckily, office workers already live the original concept of the song every day, so there’s really no need to hear it.