Trying To Escape Meetings Like Shelley Duvall in The Shining

The inanity of most meetings cannot be overemphasized or exaggerated. Often times, it is to discuss something that could easily be communicated to you via an email or a simple (and now antiquated) auditory verbalization. And yet, there is something about wrangling all the cattle together in one room that really gets bosses off.

They don’t create meetings to discuss anything of value or that might be useful to your “personal growth” in the “role” you occupy–they do it to slowly torture you, to fill up thirty minutes to an hour–or sometimes even two–during which you could be pursuing your life’s passion on the internet while pretending to work. And as the minutes continue to tick by, and you can feel a sweat breaking as a result of not being able to freely check your phone, or because you’ve run out of K-cup coffee in your mug that says something “irreverently cute” like “Queen of the Office,” you suddenly begin to inhabit Shelley Duvall’s particular mind space in The Shining as she tries to escape the psychotic actions of her own “master,” Jack Nicholson.