The New You Mocking the Old You

We all have a certain pluck to us 1) when we are younger and 2) when we start at a new job–one we think we’ll either only be at briefly or one we’re convinced will solve all the problems to our financial woes. But financial woes can turn to emotional ones as the passage of time has the unique ability to make a mockery of what can retrospectively be called “the old you,” somewhat ironic since you’re older in the present moment. But “the new you” would laugh her balls off if she could communicate with the old you, somehow tell her that everything she thinks, feels and worries about now will melt away as she grows accustomed to the pleasant dullness of pain called inconvenience and unfulfilled dreams.

If the old you could receive this message, of course, she would never believe it. Convince herself that this haggard, cynical version of her new self standing in front of her to provide wisdom is merely a byproduct of some unwitting hallucinogen that must have been planted in her Chop’t salad. For the old you could never fathom that the span of the months into years is peppered with nothing but signs pointing toward the reconciliation of disappointment, of making peace with averageness.