The Corporate Veneer

For anyone who has never had to put a mask on every day that they go to work, this is what is known as “the corporate veneer.” It involves completely suppressing your true self in order to make “the higher-ups” think you aren’t a crazy, hateful person who might walk into the building with a loaded gun at any minute.

To successfully adopt the corporate veneer, one must 1) dress like you bought your outfit from TJ Maxx or Ralph Lauren (it seems like two ends of the fashion spectrum, but it’s really not and 2) talk in a voice that’s at least three octaves higher than your normal one. Many people who have put on the corporate veneer have not won out to its insanity-inducing effects (see: Bernie Madoff or Michael Douglas in Wall Street). But so long as you need money, you must wear this mask and dance in it like a circus performer.