The Belief that You Evaded Work When the Snowstorm Calms

Many believed that the steady flow (try not to think of a period) of the snow storm, dubbed Stella, was going to prevent them from having to worry about the trifle of working. But as she decided to calm down circa one o’ clock, the notion of “working from home” receded into the past for many. Especially those with Miranda Priestly-esque bosses who were already fuming from the ears at the prospect of letting their employees “work from home”–which we all know means fucking off.

The closure of aboveground trains left select office workers with an ironclad excuse not to come in, while those living off a normal, underground subway were subject to the vagaries of the boss’ generosity in “allowing” them to stay at their apartments for the day. But with Stella mostly quelled by midday, many could be subjected to the potential of getting that unpleasant text, “You’re still coming in now, right?”