Telling Yourself It’s Vaguely Punk Rock to Work Corporate

Although there are many subjective methods for coping with your Midtown office job, one of the most common ones is to tell yourself that what you’re doing is actually very punk rock. If you’ve ever seen Ghost World (and I hope to God or whoever you have), you’ll remember a scene where Enid and Rebecca are in a record store talking to John, the guy who sells Enid old VHS recordings of Indian TV shows. John pontificates, “You really want to fuck up the system? Go to business school. That’s what I’m gonna do. Get a job in some big corporation and, like, fuck things up from the inside.”

Indeed, there is a certain logic to this delusional belief that the best way to fight the power is to be absorbed by it. Nonetheless, the only person who ever pulled off the marriage of a corporate and punk rock philosophy is Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. Maybe it had to do with being the 80s or from Staten Island, but her ability to work against the system by working with it will never be topped by another–unless, of course, you count Jordan Belfort.