Seeing the Person That Runs Your Company Up Close for the First Time

Working at a company for a while, one can start to forget that there’s a sort of arcane Wizard of Oz pulling the strings behind the curtain of it all. A person who started everything, a person with more influence and money than you could ever hope to have–the creator. The person that is, in the world of the corporation, God.

And maybe you resent God a little bit for creating this monstrosity, profiting from it and then leaving the rest of her would-be clones to try and make half as much paper as she did. Maybe you’d be right to do so. Yet, when you come face to face with God, you still can’t help but freak the fuck out, get a bit giddy. After all, this is the person who gave us life. Who gave us all the jobs we hate so much but, at the same time, would be destitute without.

So go ahead, point and let your jaw drop. It’s not every day you see someone that radiates the power to end you with just one look.