Reluctant Relaxation

One of the few “rewards” of working is the feeling of entitlement one gets to “relaxing.” Unfortunately, most of the relaxation is not only reluctant, but also completely forced, contrived and otherwise wracked with guilt. One will try her best to attempt experiencing the feeling of leisure you’re supposed to get from having money and the tiresome difficulty of procuring it.

This “leisure” might include such accoutrements as face masks, cucumbers, Diet Coke and Cheetos–in short acting like the thirteen-year-old trapped in Jennifer Garner’s body who wants desperately to feel, in some way, like an adult. But “adulthood” as witnessed by millennials who are now “grown” simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Because amusement isn’t a rarity anymore, but more of a constant, and office workers of the current era aren’t sure how to process time that is specifically blocked out for relaxation. It seems slightly sinful for a reason: you don’t really “deserve” it. You haven’t self-flagellated enough the way your forerunners did.