Rag Time Gal

It used to be that complaining of your period merely made you just another weak-willed woman. Now, one company is taking your pain (or embellished expression of pain) and turning it into pleasure by allowing women the opportunity for paid leave during their cycle. This could mean up to one week a month of just sitting on the couch and watching TV instead of working.

But don’t get ready to surf the crimson wave with delight just yet…this is only happening in the U.K., second to New York in its zeal for working, but still, somehow, more humane in its treatment of employees (granted, this particular company is Coexist, which prides itself on humane treatment in general). In any case, while British women show their tampons to their boss as proof of being on the rag, you can enjoy another side of ibuprofen with your desk salad.