Preparing To Get Snowed In While Sitting In Your Cubicle

There is perhaps no greater fear for the office worker than 1) being marooned in one’s cubicle or 2) dying in one’s cubicle. The onslaught of a blizzard has the potential to make both of those fears a reality. While it might be assumed that a blizzard is a positive thing in the world of cube life, as it prevents one from having to go to work, mother nature rarely works to your advantage by timing the snowstorm so that you’re not already in your cubicle.

Because New York has remained tough in one aspect–its acceptance of weather conditions that no West Coastian could put up with–the chances of getting stranded in your cubicle by inclement circumstances are far greater. And even though your employer is undoubtedly well-aware of the situation afoot, they will be unmoved to give you a full day off until the storm goes into complete effect, pushing the limits of how long you stay so that you just might barely get onto a functioning train in order to seek refuge in the apartment you work so hard to pay for, and yet, are rarely even there.