Not Understanding Why People Aren’t Already Impressed That You’re Doing Two Things At Once

In the faux high-octane world of office life, you’re only as good as the last ten things you’ve done at once. But for those who adhere to the belief that multitasking leads to Alzheimer’s, it’s often a source of surprise when co-workers and bosses alike aren’t simply impressed with the fact that you’ve decided to do even two things at once, let alone one. I mean, shouldn’t they at least take some time to appreciate that you’ve sent an email and hit print on a document? Or that you’ve made coffee while talking about something business-related?

Yes, they should. But they don’t. Always wanting more, more, more out of you. To bleed you dry of your ability to concentrate on one task because you’ve now been conditioned to only mildly focus on a plethora. Because, in the life of cube, the only thing worth doing isn’t worth doing right the first time so long as you can tell your boss you’ve checked multiple items off the to do list all at the same time. Ah, but silly you. In your ingenue days, you thought two things at once was the height of being a go-getter.