Life Passing You By? Try Cubicle-Be-Gone!

disclaimer: Cubicle-be-Gone is best suited to those extremely comfortable with debt and/or living in a perpetual state of arrested development

Day in and day out sitting at a cubicle, or worse, a startup with communal tables that are supposed to make you think you’re not still in a cage, you can start to feel as though all the months and years are running together. That life is passing you by, if you will. But with Anti-Corp™’s new, highly refined solution, you, too can feel like the socialite you deserve to be–live the life rich, chock full of vacations, massages and La Mer.

How is it possible, you ask? Well, Anti-Corp™ has taken the best elements of credit cards and combined it with procured consent from most white parents to allow their children to live at home. By cutting out the overhead of rent and using a series of bar codes and plastics to get what you want materially out of life, you can quit your job as soon as tomorrow and live the dynamic existence you never thought possible. Simply call 1-800-CUBE-B-GONE to find out more information. Restrictions apply.