Know Your Worth

In America, the measure of who you are is made by how much money you make. Even if you’re a middling office worker, at least, according to public opinion, you’re “better” than the unemployed mo welded to the couch all day/panhandling on the subway.

But if money is the measure, it still opens the door to you being treated like shit in order to get said money. Because you’re saying to The Man, “I’m willing to get fucked up the ass drily in exchange for an amount that’s not even that large,” your worth is automatically diminished in spite of you thinking that you make “a decent living.” Maybe it’s time to reassess what “worth” is, and quantify it in less robotic terms–or soon you’ll be thrown out with the rest of the irrelevant trash for not being versed enough in other non-tangibles like SEO and social media.