Just Because Peggy Olson Found Love In A Hopeless Place Doesn’t Mean You Will

A lot of people (women) like to endure office life because they’re convinced that there’s a strong possibility they’re going to find their “soul mate” amid the partitions that make up the hopeless place known as Cubicle Row (somewhat similar to Death Row or Skid Row).

The season finale of Mad Men further solidifies the myth that finding love at work is one’s strongest possibility for not being alone when subjected to the long hours of Midtown office life. After years of working together, Stan Rizzo (Jay Ferguson) finally confesses his feelings for Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss). It barely seemed authentic in the show, so it damn sure isn’t going to come off in real life. You’d be better off getting a hobby (a.k.a. a life outside of work) and finding him there. Or considering lesbianism the way Peggy once did.