How Do You Tell The Difference Between Groundhog Day & A Normal Workday?

You don’t. Every day in the workplace is almost exactly the same, except which alcoholic beverage(s) you might choose to sneak on your lunch break. Like the honorary Groundhog Day anthem, “Ernold Same,” it is just as Damon Albarn narrates: “today will always be tomorrow.” And, thanks to Bill Murray, the true meaning of Groundhog Day–being trapped in the hell of doing the precise thing you did the previous day (and no, there are no beautiful William Carlos Williams aspects to it)–has been forever solidified on celluloid.

Except, at least in Phil Connors’ (Murray) case, he’s able to learn something valuable from being trapped in a time loop. Office workers, on the other hand, only learn of how drastically the government can fuck them over on tax extractions over time, how far the limits of under appreciation can go and that 401(k) match hard-ons are never worth it. So if you’re wondering how best to celebrate Groundhog Day, there’s no better way than going to the office, where monotony pays adequate due to a cinematic cult classic.