Going On Questionable Job Interviews That Make You Wonder, “Am I Going To Be Sold Into White Slavery?”

Trolling through job listings after a long enough period will invariably make you desperate enough to apply for “occupations” that you wouldn’t ordinarily if you were still in your right mind/had any money to make you anything other than a beggar who can’t be a chooser.

When you actually get called in for some of the more nebulous job descriptions, you briefly think about that time Carrie Bradshaw asks her latest suitor if she’s going to be sold into white slavery upon meeting him at a bizarre location in the middle of the night. Of course, Carrie is fairly daft and ignorant for making this remark and, in general, her one redeeming character quality in retrospect was her writing failure, yet when relating it to a sketch Craig’s List job interview, it’s quite a valid query.