Go Into Your Keyboard

The mind is our curse and our blessing. On one hand, it allows us to compartmentalize well enough to shut down and tell ourselves that, when we’re doing something we don’t want to, it’s because it’s necessary–essential to moneymaking purposes and therefore livelihood.

On the other, it can’t completely exist without hounding you about your existence and the choices you’ve made, gently reminding you that maybe you’ve been in your cubicle for too long. It’s then that you should use your mind for its most powerful purpose–delusion–to go into your keyboard and sit down to an expensive meal at your Return key. One assumes you have a PC if you’re working at a corporation stuck in the 80s. There, you can sit for hours, ordering caviar, champagne and even tiramisu to conclude. The keyboard is a safe place for the mind, maybe the safest place in the entire building apart from the bathroom. Just make sure you actually leave it now and again so no one suspects your level of crazy.