Every Day Is A Game of Chess You Can’t Win

When waking up each morning and telling yourself that this is a day you will conquer, a day you will show the world and your employer that you are someone to be revered and reckoned with, it’s likely that only minutes later, you’ll probably spill hot coffee all over yourself, subsequently making you late for need of changing your entire ensemble (and you had even donned the only skirt suit you had, too).

Unlike 80s screwball comedies starring Goldie Hawn, a plucky attitude and a will to succeed won’t be enough to help you win at this daily chess game called (office) existence. Enough time spent being bombarded with unwanted tasks that don’t really fit in with the job description you thought you were applying for, evenings forced to stay late to meet a deadline and a salary that no longer holds the glamor it did when you were first hired will make you realize this sooner rather than later. Even so, like any seasoned chess player who still can’t beat her opponent no matter how many rounds she engages in, you will keep playing. Because, fuck it, life is an empty room with nothing but a chess board in it to pass the time.