Even The Cinema Can’t Offer Sanctuary in Midtown

If Cecilia from The Purple Rose of Cairo taught us anything, it’s that the movies should be a place where one escapes from their woes, not a place where they experience them. Alas, that’s all one will get by attending a cinema in the Midtown/Times Square bowel. This is quite unfortunate since anyone who’s anyone in the working world is known to pull a Don Draper and steal away to see a matinee on their lunch break. But now, they can’t–if they want to maintain their good looks, that is.

That’s right, attending one of the AMCs in this nexus will result in an attack of bed bugs at worst and a mild rash at best. Plus, the ticket prices are astoundingly higher–we’re talking $15.50 as compared to the $11.00 you could pay in the Williamsburg area instead (which is really saying something since Williamsburg is the new Times Square). In any case, you’re liable to achieve a higher level of escapism by simply sitting in your cube and trolling the internet–at least then the threat of being bodily harmed won’t distract you from your reverie.