Defending Your Workplace Incompetence

“Maybe some of us aren’t good at anything.” So defends Molly Gunn (RIP Brittany Murphy) to her precocious babysitting charge Ray Schleine (Dakota Fanning) after impossibly landing the job as her nanny upon losing all the funds from the trust her rock star father left for her. Forced into the horrendousness of this “real” job, Molly finds herself unequipped to handle many of the day-to-day tasks of the employment description.

And yes, it’s true that for someone like Molly, accustomed to flitting about on whatever whim strikes her fancy thanks to limitless money, working is not something one is “good at.” But then, why would you want to be? To be adept at functioning in the working world is to essentially admit you’ve allowed yourself to die inside, and are now simply waiting for your flesh to catch up. Like maintaining lustrous skin with Botox, not being talented at having a job is key to keeping your vitality.