“Cocooning” In The Evening to Handle Work In the Morning

As we’ve long known, the primary thing that allows one to come to terms with working is the money. But, often times, an office worker needs more than that in order to deal with having to go back to their cell each day. And one of the best ways to do that is to revert not just to the fetal position, but to the kind that a caterpillar turning into a butterfly performs by “cocooning.”

In the office worker’s case, cocooning entails wrapping oneself in the comfort of a blanket or even a Snuggie, planting oneself on the couch and lying down until the later hours of the evening in preparation for turning into a functional “butterfly” capable of working the next morning. The repetition of cocooning roughly six days a week (Sunday is the most important day for doing so) is a representation of how, in spite of seeming in a constant state of stasis, the office worker actually undergoes far more metamorphoses than any of us.