Choking On Expectations The World Doesn’t Care About

More than any setting in your life, the workplace is where you’re expected to stifle your feelings and desires the most and “perform.” Have a delicate spirit? Forget about it, that’s about to go. And if it doesn’t, then you’re going to start choking irrevocably on the expectations and responsibilities tossed your way, regardless of whether you’re “prepared” for them or not.

Even when you come to your boss with a sob story about how you just broke up with your significant other (it’s hard to know what anyone’s gender is anymore, which is why this term is best–plus, if your boss thinks you’re same sex oriented, they might be more sympathetic toward you), he still won’t bat an eye. Mention your parent just died, and he might resist eye rolling over the fact that you’re going to use your pittance of bereavement time.

No, the world–least of all the working world–cares not about how loudly you choke on what’s expected of you, but simply sits there patiently waiting for you to come to terms with what you must do–unless, of course, you die whilst choking.