Charlotte York Retiring is Friday Feels

There is no more appropriate Friday feel than Charlotte York (MacDougal)’s facial expression and declaration, “I think I’m done,” when she decides to quit her job as the head of an art gallery so she can glaze bowls and prepare for motherhood (granted, she’s not yet even pregnant, nor will she be with Trey). Some of use, however, are still trying to prepare for adulthood–in spite of early retirement sort of negating that transition.

Though she is reluctant to let go of the thing that carved out much of her identity for so long, she’s got no choice but to leave it in the hands of someone younger and probably far less capable. And while her last day isn’t technically over, Charlotte is suddenly all to willing to say “Fuck it,” because, well, when a job is played, it’s played. And once you get it in your mind that you’re leaving a place, it’s hard to taste anything other than freedom. Not to mention ceramic glaze.