Being Mousy

Generally speaking, those who manage to find themselves in the office tableau are fairly passive and mousy to begin with–otherwise, they never would have allowed themselves to get into the three-partition clutches of the cube in the first place. Sometimes, however, they make the mistake of further amplifying said meekness, thinking that it will help them to fade into the background and therefore have less bullshit to contend with.

Unfortunately, overly embracing one’s timorousness tends to have the reverse effect–making he or she (usually she) the scapegoat for just about everything, not to mention the office’s go-to pastry and coffee transporter every morning. You know, the type of person who bakes cupcakes for people “just because.” But don’t make the same mistakes as Selena Kyle, lest you, too, reach the point of scratching the walls and running with the feral cats to undo all the previous damage of suppression.