At Least You Don’t Have to Talk to Anyone on Your Coffee Break

Midtown knows it is a hell hole. It has never made any bones about it. Maybe that’s why the evil entity occasionally develops a service or business that’s tailor-made for the wary and underpaid office worker. Enter Bustler Coffee, a self-service caffeine source that requires no communication.

After all, the last thing an office worker wants to do on their treasured and much too short break is have to fake another smile or pleasantry with someone he couldn’t give three shits about. That’s the beauty of self-service. Sure, there are cashiers there, but they automatically know the price of your drink based on its color-coding, which also means you can scam them on what you’re actually getting for a cheaper price. So all you need to bring are two dollars and your bitch face, which is all any office worker can really offer based on their pay grade and working conditions.