A Pain That You’re Used To

Although there is nothing more agonizing, more physically and emotionally detrimental than going to an office job in Midtown, if you do it long enough, it becomes a pain that you’re used to. What else would you be doing if you weren’t staring at a fake spreadsheet or Word document? Something useful, like learning a new language or teaching yourself Photoshop? Heavens no.

You see, if you waste your time making money long enough, it comes to be the only thing you know how to do. Untraining yourself to not feel guilty for being boxed in a cube all day a.k.a. “being a productive member of society” can be quite a challenging feat. This is why one advises that you never get in the habit of working in the first place, lest you allow it to become a tolerable thorn in your side, thereby admitting total complacency.