Your Coffee Needs A Coffee, Your Brain A Lobotomy

What is the one consolation of waking up before ten on most days of your week? The promise of not only delaying going into your office by standing in a long line of other drones waiting to “fuel” themselves, but the infusion of caffeine that will briefly enliven your brain for about an hour of functioning in order to sift through emails of no import.

The brief kick that comes from this intake is, unfortunately (like all things pleasurable), passing, liable to fade away after about an hour if you’re an especially seasoned coffee drinker, or if you’re foolish enough to attempt remedying the situation with K-cups. Thus, your coffee needs a coffee in order for you to continue on. Or does your brain need a lobotomy–a seamless snip of the frontal lobe to cut down on the long-term costs of all this coffee dependency that “allows” you to work without going positively batty?