Working May Lead to Dissociative Identity Disorder

They say that in order to get a job, you have to put your “best face” forward. This typically entails creating a “hybrid” personality–or a completely fake one–in order to pull off the ruse that you want to devote your entire life and being to Company A; there is no other life purpose, no other company you could possibly be suited for.

But once you’ve performed the acting role of a lifetime, you have to persist with it, lest you risk getting sacked within the 90-day trial period. And then, you’ve been putting on the personality for so long that you can’t show who you really are without incurring someone’s invective. Thus, a gradual but steady bout of dissociative identity disorder is developed, wherein you tend to black out what your daytime personality is doing, letting it drive your actions from roughly the hours of nine to five. When you get back to your sparsely furnished “room,” you become some semblance of what you actually are–only to forget come morning when the other identity comes on.