Wishing It Was the 60s Again So You Could Smoke in Your Office

There are few sweet releases an office worker is able to enjoy in this stifling century of vice repression (though, unfortunately, not Vice repression). At most, you can take a “fifteen-minute” coffee break and suck on a cigarette in a non-leisurely manner while downing your too hot beverage at the same time. It’s enough to make you wish Lady Fair cigarettes were actually a thing.

If only office life could maintain certain elements of the 1960s, when typewriter culture was still the norm and so was the associated cigarette that went with it while you typed. No wonder people were such beacons of efficiency back then–they had a steady stream of nicotine in their blood to propel them forward/take the edge off. And, after all, what’s the point of being a jank Peggy Olson if you can’t even smoke when and where you want to? As the twentieth century progressed, the increase in smoking bans caused an obvious decrease in morale that has carried over into the next era.