Wishing Disclosure’s “White Noise” Would Play Every Time Someone in an Office Talks to You

There are a number of important songs that can serve as the soundtrack to the office worker’s life. From The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” to Blur’s “Ernold Same,” so many British musicians seem to understand more about the American office worker’s plight than he does himself.

Another such British act with the perfect song to punctuate your day to day monotony is Disclosure, with “White Noise.” Not only does it have the perfect dance beat to help you tune out the white noise of others, but the lyrics also encapsulate exactly how you feel when co-workers or managerial types talk at you: “I’m hearing static, you’re like an automatic. You just wanna keep me on repeat and hear me crying.” If only it could actually play over booming speakers instead of just in your head.